Vinylise: Magazine edition.

Trevor Horn's Video as we all know now, did not kill the radio star. If anything radio has grown much stronger since. In the same vein digitised music has yet to do away with all analogue forms and Vinyl has been spinning its...

The Art of the Artisan

Before there was Sonneteer, the founders, as young students were busy tuning up recording equipment, mixing desks and microphones so that the music recordings they were making and working on sounded just right. In fact the...

Format Pesto

With music sales in overall decline I find myself wondering about what format are people listing to music on today and, probably more importantly, what will it be in the future? Will it be digital via streaming and downloads...

The Ear and other body parts.

The human ear is exceptionally sensitive and so responds to tiniest change in pressure in the airwaves. To give you an idea in numbers, the human ear threshold of hearing is less than one billionth of atmospheric pressure [1....

So what exactly is a phono stage?

In the hey day of vinyl records and hifi it was expected to find an input marked 'Phono' on the back of a hifi or music centre. This would usually be flanked by such inputs as Aux, Tape, Tuner and later on CD. If you had a...

Just think and speak volumes

Before the Sonneteer Campion came along demonstrating a hifi separates amplifier in a shop was quite simple. The dealer turns the volume control to about 11 o'clock on the dial and the amplifier performs to its optimum. The...

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