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Reviews of Sonneteer Headspace by real users. With comment like:
“This thing is pretty cool! Really stops the music from feeling like it’s “stuffed” in your ears along with the actual plugs.” by Natalie and “In my humble opinion everyone who listens to headphones should have one.” from Owen. Both genuine end users.

Hey put your records on

We’ve been making phonostages for about 20 years now. Till recently(Yes, we have something New) we had two. One inside our Alabaster amplifier, which started life as an option in our original Campion, and our main separates, multi award winning Sonneteer Sedley phono pre-amplifier. Twenty years means a lot of reviews. Here’s a taster. “So …

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The Bard's Headsapce by Sonneteer with Shanling M0

The Bard’s Headspace in Review: Part One.

Launched last November, The Bard’s Headspace has now evolved into a multicolour offering in it’s unofficial MK2 guise. The classic black is still the best selling colour, but the blues and the reds are attracting some attention and now it’s also available in white…here are some reviews.

Sound DNA Sonneteer

Finding your Sound DNA

The blue-sky lab at Sonneteer, hidden in the darkest suburbs of Guildford has once again taken high end audio research in an unexpected and curious direction. The audio pioneers who recently came up with The Bard’s Headspace, a £15 gadget, that makes headphones sound like loudspeakers, are better known for their high-end audio separates (Stereo amplifiers, CD players and what not).

2018 | Party till you’re…

Ultimately the year 2018 belongs to The Bard’s HeadSpace. This came to dominate Christmas for us in news and quite a few sales. A simple concept where our little gadget ‘corrects’ the image in stereo headphones making that sound more natural and more like real loudspeakers. It also helps to reduce listener fatigue. The HeadSpace is also the least expensive product we have released to date at a mere £14.95 in the UK.

25 years Under the Pink with Sonneteer.

Released in the same week as Sonneteer’s incorporation 21 (now 25) years ago, Tori Amos’ second album, ‘Under The Pink’ has been one of our reference recordings. As we both come of age I thought I’d dust off my reviewer’s cap and give the album a critical airing. Though in fairness it is hard to be critical of a piece of work that has served us so well in our development over the last couple of decades.

Sonneteer reveal Draft of ‘standard module’ connector for digital source modules

Named the Heart Beat D20, where the D stands for Digital, the connector looks to be a major part of future Sonneteer products. This is an early draft and some changes may occur before final implementation. The diagram indicates that module output can be either PCM or DSD, with PCM assumed to be I2S (Inter …

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The year 2017 at Sonneteer was defined by reviews. Reviews of our product and our own reviews of some of our favourite reference recordings. These can be found on our Blog pages if you want to read more. Tone Audio Magazine started with the Sonneteer Alabaster, a review: Simply put, the Sonneteer Alabaster is a price-performance …

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Audible luxury they said. This was the review of the Alabaster by Son & Image. The original was in French, but they, courtesy of the reviewer Jan-Erik Nordoen, provided us with a complete translation. Here it is on full to download: Sonneteer-SON-&-IMAGE2016_EN.  They seem to have like it quite a lot.   Here is an …

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