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Digital Party like it’s 1999

Memories of 1999 when the Sonneteer Bronte ‘digital’ amplifier first took shape, came rushing back when we took a call recently[Back in June 2011], here at Sonneteer mansions, from our friends at Doug Brady Hi-fi. They have[had] on sale a ra...

Just think and speak volumes

Before the Sonneteer Campion came along demonstrating a hifi separates amplifier in a shop was quite simple. The dealer turns the volume control to about 11 o'clock on the dial and the amplifier performs to its optimum. The problem, once back ho...

So what exactly is a phono stage?

In the hey day of vinyl records and hifi it was expected to find an input marked 'Phono' on the back of a hifi or music centre. This would usually be flanked by such inputs as Aux, Tape, Tuner and later on CD. If you had a record player then i...

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