The Art of the Artisan

Before there was Sonneteer, the founders, as young students were busy tuning up recording equipment, mixing desks and microphones so that the music recordings they were making and working on sounded just right. In fact the roots of the first amplifier as well as being a final year degree project was an amplifier made to …

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Format Pesto

What music format do we listen to and what will it be in the future?


As the Campion amplifier is finally retired after almost 20 years of service the Alabaster gets a tweak and inherits the phono stage much loved in the Campion. For years the Campion phono stage has been praised by customers for sheer musicality. We had resisted putting it into the Alabaster for sometime as we generally …

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The Ear and other body parts.

The human ear is exceptionally sensitive and so responds to tiniest change in pressure in the airwaves. To give you an idea in numbers, the human ear threshold of hearing is less than one billionth of atmospheric pressure

Updated: Sonneteer goes Manga with Naoki Urasawa’s LP mania at the ‘Analog School’

Renown Japanese Manga Artist, Naoki Urasawa and a host of Analogue audio products including the twice Japanese Audio Excellence Award winner the  British made Sonneteer Sedley phono pre-amplifier attended an evening of song and conversation hosted by the music producer Kouji Wakui. Better known for his Manga works of Yawara, Monster, Master Keaton and 20th Century […]


On our older news pages we wrote a review of the eventful 2012. The Orton Amplifier had just been upgraded to mark three and What Hi-Fi in Russia got their hands on and…Well here is the year in review below: 2012 Sonneteer in reviews Part1: From Russia with Lust. It has taken us a little …

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