The (silent) Morpheus Server was launched to marry with the Morpheus music centre. Before SSDs became affordable, Sonneteer used reverse back to back hard drive mounting to achieve near silent operational performance. Our CD players also got an upgrade and another award. Here’s an extract from the Press release Named the Morpheus Music Server, joins …

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Digital Party like it’s 1999

Memories of 1999 when the Sonneteer Bronte ‘digital’ amplifier first took shape, came rushing back when we took a call recently, here at Sonneteer mansions, from our friends at Doug Brady Hi-fi. They have on sale a rare specimen of said amp’. It’s a former demonstrator model of ours which has been in the hands […]

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You may have noticed at the bottom of every news post we now have sharing links. So please feel free to tweet about us, Blog about us and even link to us on Linkedin and Facebook. All our articles can be printed in a print friendly format and turned in to PDFs for reading on […]


Having been awarded a place at the UKTI Design and Innovations expo at CES Las Vegas that year we showed off the Sonneteer at the CES press preview which took place a couple of days before the show proper. The Sonneteer Morpheus was getting a little bit famous now and we were starting to deliver …

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Visitors to CES (The Consumer Electronics Show)2008 will have noticed we were working on something different. While our classic range of products were in full voice there was a beautiful unit sitting on the side board in the upper suite of the show room also playing music. BBC Radio 3 mostly. This was Las Vegas …

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It started to seem like Audio Excellence Awards were becoming an annual affair. The Sedley in its standard form having won a couple years earlier, it was not the SedleyUSB’s turn. Who were we to complain? The SedleyUSB, as the name implies, ads a USB port to the rear of the unit as well as …

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The Sedley this year acquired a USB port as an option. So now it was possible to ‘back up’ LPs and 45s onto a computer in digital form. It also means that all music stored on the PC can be played through the monitoring feature in place to monitor recordings. So vinyl lovers have a …

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The year Japan fell in love with the Bard system and we loved LA, 2006 was a year of recognition.  The Audio Excellence Awards, Japans Audio Oscars featured the Bard Audio wireless system this year. Our Japanese isn’t great but we think they were quite taken with it. Not to be left out the Alabaster …

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One could say we got (a little bit)famous this year. Helped, perhaps, a little bit by the range of Bard products which were starting to get some attention. Saying that, our Bronte ‘Digital’ amplifier was also starting to get a little more global traction too. Also, not to be left out in the Analogue cold, …

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The year the Sonneteer Orton, dual mono, integrated amplifier was launched. 2004 in some way was the culmination of a decades worth of work. Essentially the Orton started with our original Campion amplifier. We were at a show hosted by our dealer in Friesland, Rinsma HiFi, Jan Rinsma and his assistants had tried driving a …

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