The Bard’s Headspace in Review: Part One.

White The Bard's Headspace with Shanling M0 and Earbuds.

I lost my Headspace. I can’t listen without it

End user

Launched last November, The Bard’s Headspace has now evolved into a multicolour offering in it’s unofficial MK2 guise. The classic black is still the best selling colour, but the blues and the reds are attracting some attention and now it’s also available in white. The Bard’s Headsapce in simple terms is a device that connects between Headphones and music source using a standard 3.5mm (1/8″) Jack and makes them(the headphones) sound more natural like real loudspeakers. In many cases there’s no need to spend a lot of money on high end headphones or headphone amplifiers to improve your sound. The Bard’s Headspace does most of this heavy lifting for you. We’ve sold quite a few now and, as you might expect, we’ve had quite a lot of feedback.

Within an hour of putting the item on sale we’d sold a handful. The early adopters really like to make their views known and to our relief it was all good. Early comments were along the lines of, ” made the whole thing sound more realistic”, “…having a first listen at the mo’ – very good first impressions” and “Something is definitely going on, a real sensation of space rather than a wide sound-stage as such and I really like it.”

As time went on some came back with their expanded views. Of those who wrote to us directly or on forums here are some of the comments:

“I love my the Bard’s Headspace. It makes my late night headphone listening much more enjoyable! I bought one off your website a few months back. Definitely worth the price! “

“[The music] sounded more enjoyable to listen too…It also sounded more musical. What struck me the most is the music was the main focus, i just listened to the music without Scrutinizing it, it seems more open and mellow. If you don’t like unnatural bright sound then maybe this might be for you.”

One guy lost his first Headspace and bought another one stating, “I lost my Headspace. I can’t listen without it”.

Another fellow, Chris Zainea, ordered several and wrote prose that verged on poetry, “Very interesting little gadget, pretty much a must buy for every headphone’s lover…. and the best of all, it simply works. I ordered a couple more Headspace units as I’m lazy to always reconnect the only one I had between a mobile phone, PC, TV, etc.”

I love my the Bard’s Headspace. It makes my late night headphone listening much more enjoyable!

End user.

One of the early adopters  wrote again after a longer experience, “I’ve been using this quite a bit lately. It’s a better thing than I initially realised. Taking it away is an absolute no-no for me now.” and he went on to say, “What does it do to music? Well it’s similar to what speakers that don’t fire straight at you do, It stops that feeling of being direct in the firing line (which is a real turn-off for me). With Grados it takes them more in the direction of other headphones. They lose a little of their forthrightness but in return they stop being fatiguing and seem to have a smoother top end and fuller bass. More balanced is a good description. It’s definitely a less intense experience but ultimately more enjoyable and more able to let you relax.”

One of our favourite comments came from someone who bought off our ebay store, “…it has made the headphones infinitely more listen-able with what seems like a bigger sound stage and a smoother sound .
I may even start using my headphones more.   Well worth a try at the price.”

Someone, more recently, writing in the Afterword blog said, “[The Bard’s Headspace] Is a gizmo, detailed in the accompanying link, which I think, does what it claims..I listen to a fair amount of music via in-ear style earphones and the introduction of this little doodad has improved the experience.”

One customer, Daniel Johnston, on The Headphones’ Experience page on Facebook wrote, ” It improves the sound noticeably from the Apple dongle. Used it with Clears, elegia, kse1200, and Dita Truth. … For $20, give it a shot. I like it.”

Oh and we loved this comment from MikeyB on The Audio Standard Blog and  Forum “Haha!! – how I laughed when I read in that PFM thread that people liked the way it sounded but couldn’t quite describe it.
Well, I have now received the Sonneteer Headspace – and I like the way it sounds but I can’t quite describe it.  

For now we will leave the last word to someone who bought one and simply wrote, “works very well.”


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