Sonneteer Headspace Reviews

Reviews of Sonneteer Headspace by real users. With comment like:
“This thing is pretty cool! Really stops the music from feeling like it’s “stuffed” in your ears along with the actual plugs.” by Natalie and “In my humble opinion everyone who listens to headphones should have one.” from Owen. Both genuine end users.

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The Evangelists: Part 1

We all live or die in business by our reputation. Here at Sonneteer we are certainly no different. We are human and will always have the odd off day. We all know the day when sleep didn’t visit us much the night before and breakfast was left behind as the kids chased us out of the door. So staring into a large cup of black coffee the best remedy is to dig out some of the responses and comments we have had over the years from our customers and the odd reviewer. The Sonneteer evangelists, as they may be called, always remind us why we really do all of the Sonneteer things we do.

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