Sonneteer reveal Draft of ‘standard module’ connector for digital source modules

Named the Heart Beat D20, where the D stands for Digital, the connector looks to be a major part of future Sonneteer products. This is an early draft and some changes may occur before final implementation. The diagram indicates that module output can be either PCM or DSD, with PCM assumed to be I2S (Inter IC Sound) format. With the principle that the module feeds a ‘dumb’ DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) that accepts these formats. More details should be available once we are into full production. Developers are welcome to contact Sonneteer¬† for more information under NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). The adoption of the D prefix could suggest that one with an A (Analogue) prefix may be forthcoming. We have no further comment at this stage.



Schematic Standard D20-Draft1

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