Penaudio, plywood and other Finish stories.

Our first experience with Penaudio a decade or so ago was at a small hifi show at a shop in the North of the Netherlands, Rinsma HiFi in Lippenhuizen, Friesland. A part of the world that is not to be missed if you like the countryside and and warm welcoming people. Saying that, we were there for some serious high fidelity. Our good friend Heer Rinsma, the proprietor has built a shop around his almost obsessive desire for the best sound quality and his life long quest to find the best audio reproduction equipment to fill it. As our Sonneteer hifi separates were the year before, Penaudio were on trial at this year’s show. Over four days a very critical Friesan crowd, sat, listened and fell in love with the Sound. If I recall correctly, back then the product range comprised mainly of the Charisma stand mounting loudspeaker, the Original Rebel and the Chara subwoofer. All were finished in the famously Finish layered plywood. Very beautiful to the eye and very much so too to the ears.

Scan the Penaudio website and the message is clear. Sami Penttilä, the founder and main designer is a lover of natural sound. As we do here at Sonneteer towers Penaudio use nature as the reference. We have real sounds all around us and audio equipment should reproduce its beauty in both essence and form.

Since that first encounter, we at Sonneteer and Penaudio have enjoyed years a of friendly and professional cooperation. The synergy of of our products were coincidence to start off with. As the ranges grow and evolve we design with each other’s products in mind as well as our living spaces. Oh, and some good Vodka in the cupboard.

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