Makes Headphones Sound like real Loudspeakers.

  • Headphones sound more natural.
  • Reduces listener fatigue.
  • Helps prolonged listening using headphones.
  • Plugs between your headphones and music source.
  • Brings a high end sound to budget headsets.
  • Makes high end headsets sound more natural.
  • Your microphone will still work.


The Sonneteer Headspace makes your headphones sound like real loudspeakers.

“I lost my Headspace. I can’t listen without it” Chris Zainea

The Sonneteer Headspace makes your headphones sound like real loudspeakers. The main difference between using headphones and listening to loudspeakers is the physical space or air that is between you and the music coming from them. The Sonneteer Headspace adds back most of what is lost in this space to give a more real, natural sound.

“In my humble opinion everyone who listens to headphones should have one.” Owen

Most, if not all recorded sound is produced to be heard through stereo loudspeakers. The use of headphones is rarely considered in the recording process as the main way of listening and hence listening through them doesn’t give you the optimal experience. The Sonneteer Headspace fixes that.

“With Headspace, I get to enjoy headphones again…I get to enjoy music more without loosing any details or clarity.” Stefan 

The Sonneteer Headspace simply plugs in between your music source like your phone,  portable music player, tablet or computer and your headphones. Using the standard 3.5mm (1/8″) Jack connection the cable provided is connected between the Headspace unit and the music player’s headphone socket and your headphones plugged into the other end. The unit is non-directional so it does not matter which end. That’s it! Press play and and enjoy a more natural sound.

Please note that these units are hand made here in the UK and each one listened to before we ship.


“This thing is pretty cool! Really stops the music from feeling like it’s “stuffed” in your ears along with the actual plugs. Lots of “space”. It definitely works, can’t understand how it does, mind! ha ha”

Natalie White

This is a great little gadget at a great little price that has had a welcome positive effect on my experience of headphone listening. Robert Conroy

“Fantastic little product, very competitive price and improves the sound on my iPod Touch greatly, well done and British too.”

Mrs C Theobold

“It helps you relax into the music…A kind of ‘natural’ sense of order becomes a little more noticeable. A less fatiguing, more temporal, less literal feel to the events unfolding in your cranium.”

Darryl B.

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 1 × 1 cm

Black, Denim Special Edition, Red, White, Blue, Yellow

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