We do, they talk: The Evangelists Part 2.

“Right away I sensed there was something special happening.”

“probably the most musical gear I’ve had come through my music room in recent memory.”

“…stroke of genius”

“enjoying the music – as it should be!”

“The build, fit and finish is exceptional revealing layers of detail I’d not tuned into before.”

“absolutely musical and organic sounding. Pulls you into listening to and enjoying song after song, album after album.”

“I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be reviewing the amp rather than sitting there transfixed.”

And that’s just some of the good stuff from the reviewers.

Here are some words from our customers:

“This amp is beautiful to the eye and to the ear.” Mark Williams, Alabaster Owner Nov 2014

“Orton is still one of my reference amps and all old and present Penaudios has been designed by listening them through Orton!” Sami Penttila, Founder of Penaudio loudspeakers.

“I’m just enjoying the amp so much Haider, thanks again for designing/building such a beautiful sounding piece of art.” Rafe Arnott, Campion owner.

“I have had your excellent Alabaster giving me pleasure for more than ten years..” Richard Coe, end user, UK.

“I can’t tell you enough how proud I feel to have owned one of your first Campions for all this time.” Hallam Udel, UK and Japan End user.

“In the short time listening I am very impressed with the performance of the Alabaster and it seems to work very well with my Harbeths. “ Edward Laukys. Canada end user.

“The sheer musicality of the Sonneteer is incredibly impressive. It creates distinct instrument separation, 3D placement and ‘air’ around voices and instruments.” Raferx on the Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

and so on and on.

For a lot more please visit www.sonneteer.co.uk

Hand made in Britain since 1994.

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