Things were very much running on Adrenalin. We didn’t sleep much and worked a lot through the night trying to make sure things were just right with the new amplifier. We were given a chance to be at the Hi-Fi show at the Heathrow Ramada Hotel. HiFi News, who were big deal in those days, were running the show and it was regarded as one of the foremost global Audio shows at the time. It hadn’t really been that long since we’d decided on a brand name and we had just about agreed the name of the first amplifier in time to get things printed before showing.  At this stage the product was still technically a pre-production prototype and were continuously tweaking and testing till the last minute.

So the Sonneteer Campion made it’s ‘Global’ debut in September 1995. The reception we had was exceptional. The truth is, we had no idea how it would be received and certainly no idea it would be this good. Over the next couple of months we would finalise the production ready amplifier and the press and some dealers got their first post show experience. Much of what was published didn’t see (official) light of day on the book stands till early 1996. Though some January editions were actually on the shelves for Christmas 1995.

The show review declared it,

exceptional value for money. HiFi News December 1995

Then the first review,

Serious amplification ought to be able not only to keep time, but to change tempo as instantaneously as a real musician. All too often, all but the ‘high-end’ fall at this musical fence. Not the Campion, however, whose timing is exemplary..…utterly gripping.…extraordinarily life like. True quality stuff , this…the Campion worked wonders, delivering near studio definition.
Hi-Fi World, January ’96.

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