Our own Vinyl revival started here. For the previous year we had spent some time dusting off our LP records and testing a bit of circuitry which we assumed was more likely to grace our own living spaces than become the What HiFi reference model for a few years to come. Vinyl sales, at the time, were in decline. So it was more of an exercise of, ‘Hey look what we can do’ than anything else. How wrong we were.

In the space of a few months both Hi-Fi World and What HiFi had reviewed it and the tone was mostly this: “On Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes, for instance, her vocals were hauntingly pure; I just stopped taking notes and listened to the album all the way through”. Vinyl sale have had a revival and, almost 20 years on, we are still making the Sedley and the reviews are still exceptional from both end users and reviewers alike.

A USB version was to become available a little later on. This added a USB input/output socket which allowed both the recording of vinyl records digitally and, with the inclusion of a Burr Brown DAC, the playback of digital material as well as monitoring recordings while being made.

  • Sonneteer Sedley

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