The year Japan fell in love with the Bard system and we loved LA, 2006 was a year of recognition.  The Audio Excellence Awards, Japans Audio Oscars featured the Bard Audio wireless system this year. Our Japanese isn’t great but we think they were quite taken with it. Not to be left out the Alabaster was given product of the year Award by HiFi I Muzyka in Poland. Two countries, thousands of miles apart yet sharing a very similar group of audio aficionados as each other.

The sound of this British integrated [amplifier] is so energetic, transparent and neutral, that it was sometimes difficult to believe… Exemplary balance, Space and sound control throughout the music spectrum. Limitation of dynamics was not found.” Translated from Polish.

The highlight of the year for us though was the visit to LA for the Audio show. On our trips to the US we have always enjoyed a warm welcome and Los Angeles was no exception.  It was also our first real chance to show off our Bard system and our Orton amplifier to members of the non corporate public. The Bard and Orton were previously shown at The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where we spent nearly every January for a Decade.

And then there were the Bard reviews:

… the BardThree has a lively and highly resolved midrange, with dynamics and resolution to match…High
f requencies are clear and detailed…in f act, it comfortably compares with a variety of integrated amps
and receivers in its price range.
The Absolute Sound, December 2006


… the BardUSB is where the system really shines. [and on the BardOne]…vintage British BBC sound…a
highly musical experience.
The Absolute Sound, December 2006


… The BardOne system sounds very good…dynamic and wide band…it is especially great with satellite
radio…Cool stuff .
Stereophile, November 2006


I’ve even embraced multi-room — well, sort of : the excellent Sonneteer Bard One system links the main
system and the one in the dining room, allowing music to be piped through part of the house.
Gramophone, January 2006





BardAudio – Stereophile – November 2006

BardAudio – The Absolute Sound – December 2006 – Page 1 and 2

Stereophile_ More on Bard


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