It started to seem like Audio Excellence Awards were becoming an annual affair. The Sedley in its standard form having won a couple years earlier, it was not the SedleyUSB’s turn. Who were we to complain?

The SedleyUSB, as the name implies, ads a USB port to the rear of the unit as well as an internal Codec. This means that and records, LPs and 45s can be recorded onto a PC while being played back. It also mean that any digital audio media on the PC can be played through the Sedley itself by utilising the record monitoring capability. So in effect it is a phono stage and DAC in one which happens to record too.

We also had a bit of recommendation from the Guardian Newspaper:

…And if you’re feeling really f lush, look around for Sonneteer’s Bard system, a USB dongle that plugs into
your laptop and transmits to a receiver jacked into your stereo. The result is very high-quality sound that’s
highly recommended by audioheads. However, it does cost around £240
Bobbie Johnson, The Guardian, Saturday 21 June 2008


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