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Tearing it all apart: Reference recordings

When CD first came about alongside the hails of crackle free and clarity you could also hear the moans of how the sound is just too bright or too harsh. Often this was due to the poor process of ...

The Evangelists: Part 1

We all live or die in business by our reputation. Here at Sonneteer we are certainly no different. We are human and will always have the odd off day. We all know the day when sleep didn’t visit...

21 years Under the Pink with Sonneteer.

"Tears on the sleeve of a man Don't wanna be a boy today.." follows a signature Tori Amos Piano introduction, 'Pretty Good Year', starts the album off, stripped down to the bare beauty of Tori's ...

We do, they talk: The Evangelists Part 2.

"Right away I sensed there was something special happening." "probably the most musical gear I’ve had come through my music room in recent memory." "...stroke of genius" "enjoying the music ...